We need educated minds to change the world as it is education which replaces an empty mind with an open one. With growth of economy there has been phenomenal change all over the education system.

The education system in India is going through a phase of transition from a product based system to more a process based system. Shri Ram College of Higher Education in Baghpat (UP) that runs many courses in Uttar Pradesh.

President's Message

Shri Pramod Kumar

At Shri Ram College of Higher Education, we envision a future where education and knowledge are the key factors in our nation's progress. Hence, we strive to inculcate qualities like perseverance and determination in our students, and train them to be well - qualified professionals.

Secretary's Message

Shri N. K. Mittal

Shri Ram College of Higher Education is on courses to raise its global prominence. To enhance its position as an international leader in education and thought generation, Shri Ram College of Higher Education is further strengthening its research base and inspiring diversity in perspectives.